butter LONDON Lady Muck

I’ve wanted this polish for a while, and finally bought it today!  Seriously getting addicted to butter LONDON polishes (I’ve bought four in the past three days).  I am NOT one for sparkles, and usually feel really uncomfortable wearing glittery polishes.  But, like All Hail the Queen, I totally see myself wearing this a lot.  Right now it feels icy and wintry, but I can totally see this being a staple come spring.

Here it is without flash.  I like that it has some grey in it – makes it much easier to wear.  It looks more grown up, especially since there is a ton of sparkle in it.

Lady Muck with flash. Just gorgeous.  You can definitely see the silver microglitter here.

I used three coats to get it even (you could probably get away with two if you’re more careful and patient than I was) and topped it with Essie Good to Go.

Sorry about the bluriness and terrible lighting – my camera is having focusing issues (which I’m working on) and the light in my apartment is terrible.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to get these pictures without having to buy/make anything, since I’m moving in a few months.

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