Upcoming Collections

I don’t have anything official about these collections, but I’ve seen news and pictures around the internet, so I thought I’d share.

First up, Essie’s Poppy-Razzi.  Despite the fact I haven’t posted anything about Essie yet, I’m a huge fan.  I own more Essie polishes than any other brand.  Put together.  Times two.  I especially love when they put out unusual colors, and I don’t own any neons from their previous neon collections, so I’m pretty excited about this one.  Get a preview here.

Essie’s 2012 Resort collection (which I think is called Sure Shot).  See swatches of it here.  I NEED No More Film.  And will most likely end up with She’s Picture Perfect as well.  The others are pretty, but not me.

OPI’s Spiderman collection.  The colors aren’t super exciting or new, but I kind of like Number One Nemesis.  And Just Spotted the Lizard looks like it could be a pretty good Chanel Peridot dupe.  See pictures here.

China Glaze Summer Neons. Bottle pics here.  Again, no new colors, but China Glaze is a great brand and the only neons I have are six mini bottles from Kleancolor, so I’ll probably pick up one or two.


Any other good summer collections coming out?

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