Ole Caliente

Ole Caliente is from Essie’s Spring 2012 collection, Navigate Her.  It’s a bright, almost neon, red-coral polish.  One coat is even and almost opaque – you could probably get away with it if you’re in a hurry.  This is two coats with Essie Good To Go.

Ole Caliente.  (Sorry about my cuticles, they’re not doing well with the sudden cold)

Though I don’t have a ton of polishes, and don’t wear brights all that often, I actually found a few almost-dupes in my stash.  Ole Caliente is on my middle finger.  On my index is butter LONDON Macbeth.  It’s a bit lighter and more pink, but pretty close.  A nice alternative if Ole Caliente is too bright for you.  On my ring finger is Too Too Hot, from Essie’s Summer 2011 collection.  It’s a touch more red and jelly-like, but you can’t really tell the difference unless you’re looking for it.  Though I don’t have either, Estee Lauder’s Hot Coral (as seen here) and OPI’s Red Lights Ahead… Where? (you can see it here) also look pretty similar.

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