Orange, It’s Obvious

This year the weather in Boston decided we only needed a week of spring and then skipped right on to summer. And the first official day of spring isn’t until tomorrow.  Yesterday was a record high, and it’s only getting warmer.  So I decided to paint my nails a summery bright orange to make myself feel better about the crazy humidity.

Even though Orange, It’s Obvious came out in Essie’s spring collection, it definitely feels summery (maybe they predicted the crazy weather).  It’s super bright, maybe even a teensy bit neon, and I will probably be turning to this a lot this summer.  It also is a perfect representation of Pantone’s Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango (check out my guide above, if you haven’t already).  I’ve already received a ton of complements on it. 

It’s a bit thick, but super pigmented.  This is three coats (I was in a hurry and messed it up – you could definitely get away with two) topped with Essie Good to Go.

This was a bitch to photograph.  It really, really wanted to be red.  I tried several different types of lighting, until I finally got this – not the prettiest picture I’ve ever taken, but most accurate color-wise.

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