Hunger Games Nail Art from Around the Web

I loved the Hunger Games series (I read all three in about two days last summer), so in honor of the movie release, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Hunger Games nail art so far.  These are from some awesome nail art/polish blogs, and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already.  Links to the original posts are below the pictures.

from The Nailasaurus.  Sammy’s nail art is always amazing! You should definitely check out the rest of her blog!

from Chloe’s Nails.  Love the simplicity of this one – and there’s a tutorial so you can do it yourself!  She even used one of China Glaze’s Hunger Games polishes (which I’m now wishing I had).

also from The Nailasaurus.  I told you she’s awesome.  This one is based on the book – love it!

ETA: a new mani from Goose’s Glitter.  Love the combination of glitters! This honestly kind of reminds me of how I imagined Katniss’s fire dress when I first read the book.

I know there are more out these, just do a web search, but these were a few I really liked, from blogs I read on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in doing you’re own, you can also check out The Huffington Post’s guide to Hunger Games nail art tutorial videos here (or just search YouTube).  And if you’re not big on nail art, you can always pick up one of China Glaze’s Hunger Games themed collection, “Capitol Colors.”

FUN FACT: Elizabeth Banks needed assistants to help her go to the bathroom when she was in costume because she couldn’t do anything with Effie’s ridiculous nails! Check them out here. And you can see her talk about it on the Ellen Show here.

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