Over the Edge

Essie’s Over the Edge, aka Over the Top, is a charcoal base with tiny silver, teal, and blue sparkles (there might even be a bit of purple in there).  Unless your nails are a few inches from your face, though, it just looks like metallic dark grey.  It looks beautiful either way, and it’s a nice twist on black.  The shimmer makes Over the Edge softer than black, and maybe a little easier to wear.  It’s my go-to polish when I want to add a little bit of edge – it’s like putting on a pair of biker boots.

It is a bit thin, but builds up nicely – plus thin coats don’t chip as much, so that’s fine with me.

This is three coats with Essie Good to Go.

I have absolutely nothing like it, but found a good swatch comparison at the bottom of this post.  It looks pretty close to Chanel Steel and Dior Vernis NY57th.

6 thoughts on “Over the Edge

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