Topless & Shine-y

So sorry about the mini blog break, I’ve been crazy busy!

Anyway, this is Essie’s Topless & Barefoot (which I showed you here) topped with Essie’s Shine of the Times.  I wanted something to compliment the mint accessories I wore for Easter, and immediately thought a peach would look great.  After putting on and taking off all the peach polishes I own (none of them matched the picture in my head), I settled for Topless & Barefoot.  I added Shine of the Times on my ring fingers as accent nails, and liked it so much I did all my nails, something I don’t usually do.  I was actually really surprised by how much I love this, since I usually can’t do more sparkle than just a couple accent nails.

This is three coats of Topless & Barefoot and one of Shine of the Times.

Sorry about the tip wear and tiny chip, this is after three days of wear.  It held up surprisingly well for seven coats of polish.

If you look up Shine of the Times, you can find pictures of over almost every color (mostly dark), but I especially like it over nudes.  It’s less stark than white, and shows the colors of the flakies without being too orange.  Depending on the light, this changed from gold to peach to green to blue to purple.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!

What’s your favorite way to wear Shine of the Times? Or one of it’s many dupes?

Thanks for commenting!

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