Essie Good to Go

Since my camera died and I can’t find the battery charger, I thought I’d share my favorite topcoat with you guys.  I will get back to regular swatches soon, I promise!  This has been featured in almost all of my posts, and I’m seriously in love with it.

You should know that the only similar product I’ve tried is Orly Sec N Dry.  I have not tried Seche Vite or Poshe topcoats.  I found one that really works for me, so I figure, why keep experimenting?

Essie Good to Go is a quick dry topcoat designed to work with Essie nail polishes.  Though it tends to work best with Essie, I’ve had absolutely no problems using it with other brands.  Some polishes, including some Essie colors, do require two coats to completely dry, but for the most part, this is only an issue with jellies.

I’ve heard from many people that thickening is a big problem with the ever popular Seche Vite topcoat.  Good to Go does thicken up a bit once you reach the bottom third of the bottle.  However, it starts off so thin that every last drop is useable without thinner.  Major plus in my book – no need to buy another product just so you can use the second half of the bottle.

I also like that this is a very thin, slightly watery formula (at least the first few times you use it), because it spreads quickly and doesn’t add bulk to the layers of polish, making it less likely to chip.  I usually get bored with polish after a day or two, but I’ve worn this a full four days without it chipping.

Finally, Good to Go is super fast drying.  Again, it depends on the number of layers you put under it (if it’s more than three, I’d use two coats of GTG just to be safe).  Drying time is about the same as Orly Sec N Dry, though I can’t compare to any other fast drying topcoats.

This stuff is completely worth it!  I literally buy a new bottle when mine is half full because I never want to run out.  I paint my nails before bed, and have only woken up with sheet marks twice, and that’s because I had used like five coats of polish and only one of GTG.

So if you haven’t found your “holy grail” topcoat, definitely give this a try! It’s usually about $8 at drugstores, about the same price as many others, but because you can use the entire bottle, it’s a great value.

UPDATE: Good to Go also does NOT have the harmful chemicals found in some other topcoats (including Seche Vite) if that influences your decision.  It’s the reason I haven’t even tried Seche Vite.

UPDATE #2: I found a bottle of Seche Vite for $3, so I bought it to compare.  Even though it dries slightly shinier than Good to Go (which isn’t noticeable at all unless you’re looking really closely), I still like Good to Go better for several reasons: 1. No harmful chemicals (as previously mentioned), 2. The dry time is the same, but GTG has less shrinkage, and 3. Major peeling with Seche Vite.

Hope this helps!  Now that I have both and can compare, feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

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