Found my camera charger! So now I can show you my current mani, Essie’s Vermillionare.  I seriously think I’m developing an obsession with orange polish (Zoya’s Arizona is on it’s way to me and I couldn’t be more excited!)

Anyway, if you haven’t already noticed, this is super close to Orange, It’s Obvious, also by Essie.  This one is less red, and compared to Orange, It’s Obvious, actually a little dusty-looking (something I never would have noticed without comparing the two bottles).  On the nail, I think this one looks lighter.  I will try to remember to do a comparison later and will add that to this post when I do.

This is three coats of Vermillionare and two of Essie Good to Go.

For those of you who are not orange lovers or nail polish hoarders, I don’t think you need both Vermillionare and Orange, It’s Obvious.  They’re similar enough that most people won’t be able to tell the difference.  Orange, It’s Obvious is probably a little easier to find at the moment since it is from the current collection.  Though I love both, I prefer the color of Orange, It’s Obvious just the teeniest bit more, but the application of Vermillionare is better.

What’s your favorite orange polish?

UPDATE: My camera is acting up, so there won’t be a comparison shot today 😦  But you can see how this compares to Deborah Lippmann’s Lara’s Theme in this post and here you can see how Lara’s Theme (a good dupe for Vermillionare), compares to both Orange, It’s Obvious and OPI’s A Roll in the Hague.

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