Stone Cold

This is Stone Cold from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection.  It is only the second matte polish I’ve bought (the first was an accidental purchase of OPI Russian Navy Matte – instead of the regular ol’ glossy).  I think technically the shimmer in this one makes it a suede, but whatever.  I’m a glossy creme person, so it really surprised me that I liked a matte shimmer so much.  It’s a dark graphite base with tons of sparkly silver flakes.

This is two coats with no base or topcoat.

However, the wear on this is HORRIBLE.  I know mattes are notoriously bad, but I was expecting to get at least a day out of this.  The tiny chip you see on my ring finger happened about ten minutes after it dried, and within an hour, a huge chunk had chipped off of the middle of my index finger nail.  I tried using two different base coats with this, but the polish just slid right off, so that wasn’t helpful at all.  This does also look excellent with a topcoat (sorry I couldn’t get a picture before the disaster happened – but you can see it here), so I might experiment with that a little bit more.

Overall, love the color, hate the chips.

Do you guys have any experience with mattes?  Would a matte topcoat extend the wear a bit?

Thanks for commenting!

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