Cocktail Bling

Essie’s Cocktail Bling was released in the winter 2011 collection of the same name.  I definitely wore this a lot during the winter, but it works just as well for spring.  Essie described it as grey, but I see it as mostly blue with a lot of grey mixed in.  It’s similar to, but darker and slightly more purple-toned than Zoya Kristen (which I only have a color spoon of).  It’s different without being bright or crazy.  As much as I like this on my hands, I love it even more on my toes! So pretty as a pedicure!

Like all of Essie’s winter 2011 polishes, this had a perfect two coat application, shown here with Essie Good to Go.

I really love this color, and have been coming back to it consistently since I got it in November.  For you nail art lovers, I’ve found this looks especially amazing when contrasted with a coral-red.  Maybe I’ll do one for you guys soon (meaning after finals).

I say, if you like more muted polishes, you will definitely love this.  And if you’re a brighter polish person, this is a great contrasting color.  Either way, you should get it.

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