For Audrey

Today I have a brand new purchase for you: China Glaze For Audrey.  I was afraid this wouldn’t look good on me, since mint greens usually look terrible with my skin tone and this seemed similar.  But it has just enough blue that it doesn’t give me lobster hands.  I’m not sure I love it, but I do like it.  Totally worth having, especially since I only paid about $2 for my bottle.

Three coats (my fault, not the polish’s) with Essie Good to Go shown here.  Sorry about the hair on my index finger, I totally didn’t notice until I got the pictures on my computer.

Surprisingly, this is my first China Glaze creme – before today my only China Glazes were shimmers or glitters, which I usually don’t like that much.  Formula on this was a little thick and watery, but not too big of a problem.  I’d suggest getting less on the brush than normal and keeping an eye out for buildup on the plastic part of the brush inside the cap.

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