Day 3 – Yellow – Minions

Like yesterday, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for today (still not sure what I’m going to do for green).  I have no idea why I love the minions from Despicable Me so much, but I do. Naturally, I had to attempt a minion mani for today’s theme: yellow.  Hope you like it!

My favorites are probably the pinky and middle finger.  The one on my ring finger looks a little bit “special.”  And the banana nail kind of reminds me of Betsey Johnson.  Oh well.  I still like them.

Colors used: Zoya Pippa (yellow), Essie Mesmerize (blue), Essie Licorice (black), Essie Blanc (white), Essie Apertif (red), and China Glaze Recycle (grey).

In case you were wondering what the banana nail is all about, well, I’ll give you these videos by way of explanation.  Prepare to have a song about bananas stuck in your head FOREVER.

You’re welcome.

This one is super cute.

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