Day 8 – Metallic – Needle Marble

I wanted something simple for today, but couldn’t decide between two different colors, so I decided to try a new technique and use both.  I’ve seen this done quite a few times, but have never attempted it myself.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called needle marbling or dry marbling (as opposed to water marbling), and is very easy – there are a ton of YouTube tutorials.  It does however have a much longer dry time because you need to apply the polish pretty thickly.

Because of the shininess of this manicure, I couldn’t really capture it accurately on camera, so sorry if you can’t really see it!  The thumb is a pretty good representation of what this looks like in real life.  I love how it turned out, especially since this was my first attempt.

I used Essie Loophole and Orly Rage for this manicure.

I’m not really big on metallic nail polish (on me – I like it on other people), and this is a little bright and shiny for me to wear everyday, but I will definitely be using this technique again!

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