Day 20 – Water Marble – Pink

First, let me say that these are soooo not me.  So I don’t really like them, but I think that’s just because I’m not a pink person and didn’t really enjoy wearing them.  But I think they turned out pretty well anyway.  I’d probably really like them on someone else.

I decided to use some of my least used colors (pinks) and came up with this.  The dots were added to hide some of the bubbles from the marbling, and I ended up actually really liking them – definitely an element I’ll include in some future water marbles.

I started with a base of Essie Sand Tropez and then marbled Essie A Crewed Interest (it doesn’t get along with my skin tone, but I ended up with two bottles as gifts), Essie French Affair (a very pretty pastel pink that also looks weird with my skin tone) and Zoya Sweet (the last of my Zoya Spring trio to be featured on this blog).  The dots are A Crewed Interest.

A great tip I’ve discovered for those of you worried about the amount of polish used in water marbling: if you’re not concerned about the position of the marble pattern, you can dip your index, middle, and ring fingers at the same time, and then your thumb and pinky at the same time – so you only need to do two marbles per hand.  I tried this and thought it was kind of cool how the pattern continues across my middle and ring fingers.

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