Day 23 – Inspired by a Movie – Totoro

It was really hard to pick a design for today because I had so many ideas.  But I’ve been wanting to do these for a while, so I decided to do a mani based on the movie My Neighbor Totoro.  I loved this movie as a kid, and my sister and I still watch it when either of us is sick.  It’s such a cute movie!

I really like how these turned out, but if I do these again I’ll use a lighter blue for the base color.  My least favorite is the blue totoro, maybe because I forgot his whiskers and he blends in with the background too much.  I love the dust bunnies (the little black ones), though – they were always my favorite!

I used Essie Lapis of Luxury as a base, with China Glaze Recycle, Essie Blanc, China Glaze Smoke & Ashes, OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, Essie School of Hard Rocks, and a mix of Essie Mesmerize and Essie Blanc.

I couldn’t find a good “official” trailer, but here’s one that actually shows a lot of good parts of the movie as well as the theme song:

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