Mojito Madness

Today I have the second of my my three Essie summer collection colors.  This one is called Mojito Madness and it’s a bright mid-toned green.  It’s a great summer color, though I will probably wear this on my toes more than my fingers.  This is one of my favorite colors, so naturally I love the nail polish.  Bonus: it’s a green that doesn’t make my hands look sunburned!

The formula on this was perfect.  This was two easy coats with no topcoat.

When I first saw pictures of this, I knew it had to be close to another favorite green from Essie, Pretty Edgy.  These are more similar on the nail than in the bottle, but still really close.  Mojito Madness looks like someone took Pretty Edgy and just added some white.  The only other difference is that Mojito Madness is a creme and Pretty Essie is a jelly, though they both dry really shiny.

Unless you’re a green lover like me, you probably don’t need both of these.  If it helps you choose, Pretty Edgy is a great true kelly green, while Mojito Madness is a little bit milky, and being a creme, has a slightly better application.  Shown is two coats of Mojito Madness and three of Pretty Edgy.  Pretty Edgy also tends to stain slightly, while Mojito Madness comes of cleanly.

Which do you like better?

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