Day 31 – Recreate Your Favorite Challenge – Herringbone

It was really hard to decide what I wanted to do for today’s post because there have been so many designs I loved over the past month.  But in the end, I picked one I enjoyed wearing the most: the herringbone pattern from day 26 of the challenge: inspired by a pattern.

For this version, I decided to play with textures and paint  a glossy pattern on a matte background.  I think I like the original a little better, but I still love how these turned out!

I started with a base of OPI Russian Navy Matte (which I accidentally bought instead of the regular version) and painted the design on with Essie No More Film.

I can’t believe I actually finished in 31 days! It’s been so difficult, but so much fun!

What was your favorite challenge?

4 thoughts on “Day 31 – Recreate Your Favorite Challenge – Herringbone

  1. I googled on this nail art challenge and found your blog, your nails are amazing! I am also doing the same list as you did and i’m half way through, you’ll find my nails on my blog! =)

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