Today I have the second of the polishes I ordered from indie seller Windestine.  This one is called Hydrangeas, and is a gorgeous small glitter made up of small green glitter, smaller purple glitter, and even smaller bronze glitter.  I think this is my second favorite glitter after Jeweled Sand (which is currently on my toes).  I only have a mini bottle, but I will be ordering a full size one as soon as I get the chance!

I was wearing Essie’s Mojito Madness, and realized that the green glitter in Hydrangeas was a good match, so I decided to see how they would look together.  I am currently wearing this as an accent nail, and I love it!  I’m definitely getting used to wearing glitter – in small doses.

This is two coats of Hydrangeas over Mojito Madness.  I wish I could capture the full beauty of this polish, but my camera seems to hate glitter and there is no sun in Boston.  If you’re thinking about getting this – and I think you should – keep in mind that the purple glitter is more fuchsia than what you see in the picture.  It does flash that beautiful blurple color in the light, though.

Windestine was the first indie brand I purchased, and since then, I’ve ordered polishes from two more sellers.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of my Windestine collection and my other indies when they get here!  Definitely and indie fan and thanks to Windestine, I’m learning to love glitter.

What’s your favorite indie brand or polish?

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