Number One Nemesis

Today I have the last of the colors I picked up from OPI’s The Amazing Spiderman collection.  I’ve had this for weeks, but haven’t worn it because it didn’t seem very summery.  But this past week, I needed a break from brights, and this was the first polish I picked up.  Number One Nemesis is a mix of pewter and gold particles in what seems like a very sheer charcoal base.  I really love this!  And I don’t usually like metallic polishes – I’m learning to love sparkle – so that’s saying a lot.

This one is pretty sheer, so this took at least three coats to be opaque.  That said, I know a lot of people don’t like polishes that take so many coats, but unless I’m in a hurry (in which case, I just don’t pick those colors), I don’t mind doing a few more coats, especially for a color like this.  I’ve found that thinner coats, even if it means one or two more, last a lot longer than one or two thick coats.

I don’t own it, but I understand this is very close, though not a dupe, for Chanel Graphite.  Might have to look into that one once I get a real job…

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