Today I’m wearing Essie’s Mesmerize (or Mesmerized – depending on where you bought it). This was one of the first polishes I bought when I was first starting to really get into nail polish – which was only about a year ago.  I wore it once last summer, and was so uncomfortable I hid my hands in my pockets all day.  Cobalt blue fingernails were just a little too bold for me back then, but now I’m comfortable wearing anything from kelly green to tangerine on my tips.  And Mesmerize has become one my my favorite blues.

It’s been featured in nearly all of my nail art that involved the color blue, so I thought I’d give Mesmerize it’s own post.  As you can see, it’s a medium cobalt blue that is slightly dusty with a teeny bit of green in there somewhere.  I took this picture with flash, so you can see how it looks in sunlight, but indoors it can look almost navy.  It’s a great true blue.  Not as bright as say Revlon Royal or Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB 2012 – it’s a little more muted.

This is two coats without topcoat.  It’s easy to apply and dries pretty fast.

What’s your favorite blue?

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