Sorry today’s post is so late! It is unbelievably hot out today, so I haven’t really gotten much done.  But I did want to show you the last of Essie’s Poppy-Razzi neons collection.  This is Camera, which is a neon coral.  In real life, it’s a little closer to the bottle color in the picture, but it really does glow that bright when the sun hits it.

I have a weird habit of craving neons when it’s dark outside, and since the lighting in my apartment is terrible, when I wake up and see my nails in the sun, it’s always a huge shock.  This was no exception. LOVE!

This is three coats of Camera.  It’s hard to get opaque on its own, and it was a little too bright for me over white, so I put it over Essie’s Brooch the Subject, which is a great nude.  It’s the middle ground between visible nail line and eye-searing.

Like the other Poppy-Razzi polishes, this dries semi-matte, so it’s shown with topcoat.

Neon’s big this summer, what’s your favorite?

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