Striping Tape Plaid

I finally got my striping tape in the mail! I’ve been wanting to do tape manis for a while, but I suck at cutting even strips of scotch tape, plus some of my polishes actually break down the tape and make it impossible to remove.  Not fun.

I decided to go for something relatively simple for my first mani.  I really like this design, but as you can see, my first attempt was not the cleanest.  You can’t really tell from a distance, though so it’s ok.

For this mani I started with a base of OPI Who the Shrek are You?, added the tape, put on a thick layer of Essie Go Overboard, and then took the tape off.  Easy.

I got my tape from Born Pretty Store (where I got all my nail art brushes), but I’ve also heard it’s really easy to find on eBay.  Striping tape is really cheap and a fun way to create nail art, especially if you’re like me and not so great at making straight lines.  Keep in mind though that most of it comes from Asia and takes a while to arrive to the US.  Mine took about three weeks.

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