Today I have another indie polish for you.  This one is by Pretty & Polished, and is called Valentino.  I love the polish and I love the name.  I’m just learning to like glitter, and I usually go for small glitter, but I really loved wearing this giant glitter all day yesterday.  I had to take a final, and was completely distracted by my nails the whole time. So pretty!

Shown here is one coat over China Glaze Recycle.

There is a ton of the tiny glitter, and the medium pieces are really easy to get on, but sometimes, not all the time, you have to fish for the large glitter.  It’s not hard to get on the nail, but I can be pretty OCD, so I placed some of them where there were gaps, but it’s not necessary.  Letting the bottle rest upside down for a few minutes helps bring the larger glitter back to the top of the bottle, too.

This is my only Pretty & Polished so far, but I will definitely be getting more!

You can purchase Pretty & Polished from her etsy shop.  It’s currently empty, but you can just keep checking to see when her next restock will be.

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