Play Date

Play Date is part of Essie’s Go Overboard mini-collection that was released earlier this year. When I first saw this color, I didn’t like it, and I left it on the shelf when I picked up the other two in the collection, Armed & Ready and Go Overboard.  I actually held the bottle in my hand for a few minutes, but decided it would look terrible with my skin tone.  But when I saw this in CVS a few weeks ago, I decided to pick it up and ended up loving this color!

Play Date is a medium purple creme that leans slightly pink.  The blue pigments actually settle on the bottom of the bottle, so it does require some mixing.

This is two coats of Play Date topped with Seche Vite (which is why there are bubbles)

Sorry that my cuticles are orange in this picture.  Apparently neons don’t like to come off.  My hands looked like this for days!

Even though they were released in January (I think), I’ve seen the entire Go Overboard collection (which I believe is now part of Essie’s permanent collection) in stores like CVS and Target, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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