Charged Up

I started packing yesterday! Two weeks from tomorrow I will be moving back to the land of In-n-Out, Disneyland, and low humidity! I cannot wait to have air conditioning and a real bed again. I might just sleep for a week or two.  Seriously.  Anyway, the packing has forced me to sort through my stash, since I cannot possibly put them all in my suitcase, and must decide which polishes will be sent home early and the few that I will be able to have with me until the last minute.  Because, you know, I can’t be left with nothing for a few days.

I came across Orly Charged Up, which I had almost forgotten about.  I picked this up a few months ago in my search for the perfect purple.  I do really like this color, but I think its safe to say I will probably never wear this polish.  Why?  Because it has one of the worst formulas I have ever worked with.  This is FIVE streaky, watery coats.  And it’s not even a jelly.  Um, no.  Just no.

I only have three Orlys, and the other two are a foil and a glitter filled jelly, so I can’t judge their creme formula in general, I can only say that this one really doesn’t work for me.  I’m going to keep it, and may try it a few more times just in case, and it may end up making an appearance in some nail art.

Do you like Orly?  Have you had good or bad experiences with their creme formulas?

Thanks for commenting!

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