It’s a me Mario -or- Happy 4th of July

I have been waiting FOREVER (really a few weeks) to wear this polish! It’s a me Mario by Dollish Polish is a clear base with different sized red and blue glitter and holographic stars. There aren’t a ton of stars in the bottle, so I just put them on my ring fingers as an accent for this mani. Love it! This is the perfect 4th of July manicure.

I bet you don’t know what day America declared independence. It wasn’t July 4th. Seriously. It was July 2nd! Even Ben Franklin thought our independence would be celebrated on the 2nd. Today we’re celebrating the date on the Declaration of Independence, not the actual declaration of America’s independence from Britain. Before I get ultra nerdy on you guys, I’ll just let (those of you who want to) read more about it here and just get on with the nails.

For this mani I did one coat of It’s a me Mario over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It’s so pretty and sparkly! And…. I think I am officially a glitter convert. Thank you Dollish Polish!

The timing of this post is perfect because at some point in July, Dollish Polish will be releasing a full Mario collection!!! So (maybe) you will be able to get your hands on this lovely polish soon. For those of you who haven’t braved a Dollish restock before… it is INSANE. Seriously. I spent eight, yes eight, hours hitting the refresh button just to get two polishes from her last sale. (Yes, I realize I have problems.) So good luck! You can get updates from Dollish here.

P.S. You should all go check out a new blog called Man Polish. His posts (including one on 4th of July manis) are hilarious.

Sorry this post was so long! Now go watch some fireworks, eat some barbecue, and have a great holiday everyone!

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