Go Overboard

Essie’s Go Overboard is one of my favorite polishes!  It’s a deep teal color that is dark, but never looks black.  It i somehow sophisticated and fun at the same time.  I reach for this when I’m in the mood for a vampy polish, but don’t really want a red or purple.  I really love dark blues and greens for winter, and this is no exception.  The great thing about Go Overboard is that it is equally fun in summer!  Love this!  Definitely a top 10 polish!

This is two perfect coats with Essie Good to Go.  It does stain a little, so I would definitely recommend wearing a base coat with this one.  And spend a little extra time making sure as little as possible gets on your skin.  My polish application is usually a little messy, and this takes longer than normal to clean up.

This is part of the Go Overboard collection, along with Play Date and Armed & Ready, but i believe it’s part of the permanent collection, and I’ve seen it even in the small displays in drugstores, so it should be really easy to find.

Sorry about the lack of nail art lately, I’ve been pretty uninspired and haven’t really felt like paining my nails, but I will get back into it soon.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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