Windestine Accent Nails

I’ve shown you a few Windestine polishes before, and she is quickly becoming my favorite indie polish maker.  Her small glitters are perfect for me, since I’m not big on sparkles, and her color combos are gorgeous!  At least once a week I throw one of them on as an accent nail or glitter gradient to add something a little special to my mani, so I thought I’d show you a few combos I’ve put together so far.

All Windestines are minis (but also available in full-size) and shown with one coat.

This is Windestine Hydrangeas over Essie Mojito Madness.  Hydrangeas is small copper glitter with slightly larger (but still tiny) green and purple glitter.  Love this one!

This is Windestine Girl with the Best Smile over Essie Play Date.  GWTBS is a recent release and is small pink and green glitter with slightly larger purple glitter.  So pretty!

And finally Windestine Over the Rainbow over OPI William Tell me About OPI.  Please ignore the fact that the OPI stained my cuticles – you can just stare at the sparkly amazingness instead.  This one is a mix of several different colors and holographic glitter.  This one is a little denser than her other glitters, but still super easy to apply.  I actually just ordered a full size of this one because I love it so much.

Reasons I love Windestine: 1. Gorgeous glitters  2. Reasonable prices (full-sized bottles are only $6!)  3. The formulas are great – I haven’t had to shake a single bottle, they apply easily, aren’t clumpy, and dry quickly  4. Awesome customer service (when she realized she had accidentally used zinc-coated mixing balls in her polishes, she took the initiative and offered credits to her customers, and when I placed two orders close together, she combined them and refunded the extra shipping cost) and  5. She’s super nice and really cares about her customers and puts a lot of thought into her polishes.

If you’re looking to try some great indie polishes, try Windestine, you won’t be disappointed.  She has shops on both Etsy and Big Cartel, but it’s easiest to just get updates from her Facebook page (where you can also check out pictures of her other polishes).

And yes, I paid for these with my own money and no, she did not ask me to say any of this. She’s just so amazing I thought I’d share – especially with so many people having issues with indie polish sellers.

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