Pearl Harbor

I picked this up at Rite Aid a while ago, when I first ran into a Sinful Colors display.  I had heard of them on a few other nail blogs, so I picked up three to try them out.

This is a clear glitter with blue and green iridescence called Pearl Harbor.  I’m not going to lie, the name was part of why I picked this one up.  It’s a really pretty glitter, and I can’t wait to try it over white or blue.  For these photos, I swatched it over black.

Pearl Harbor is a clear base that is packed with glitter – this is only one coat.  I also picked up another Sinful Colors polish called Opal Glitter, which is very similar, except the glitter is multi-colored, very similar to China Glaze Snowglobe.

These pictures were taken a while ago, so sorry about the quality.  And the hangnail on my index finger.  I’m trying to use up unposted swatches while I’m moving instead of leaving you guys with nothing.

Have you tried Sinful Colors?  I’ve only seen them at Rite Aid, and so far, I really like them.  I will definitely be buying more.  And at $1.99 a bottle, these are a great value!

P.S. I scheduled enough posts to last until I leave, so you won’t be missing any!

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