This is another one of Windestine’s amazing glitters, Pansies.  I believe this one is discontinued, but she is still selling some similar ones.  It’s a mix of gold and purple glitter that is simple, but beautiful.  I swatched it over Orly’s Charged Up.

And I matted it so you can see the glitter better.  The purple is less blue (though it does have a blurple flash) and more of a true purple color, but it is impossible to photograph.  Sorry!

I do really love this combo matte.  I love how glitters look with a matte topcoat – it tones them down while at the same time making the individual pieces stand out more.

What do you think of this one? Any other combos you’d like to see with this, or any of Windestine’s glitters?  You can check my stash to see which ones I have, or click the Windestine tag on the right hand side of the page to see more swatches.

Thanks for commenting!

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