Neon and Nude

I’m not a huge fan of neon (on me – I do like them on other people most of the time). I know it’s really big this summer, but it’s just a little too… neon… for me.  So I can’t really explain why I bought the entire neon collection from Essie. I do like them, just not on me.  I’m sure my little sister will get a lot of use out of them once I get home, though.

But since I own them, I thought I’d explore some ways to tone them down a bit and make them more wearable for me.  My favorite combo so far is neon and nude.  It’s not as stark as a neon with black or white, and definitely brings the neon down a notch.  I also paired neon and nude together in this mani, which I loved!

Here I used scotch tape for a chevron half-moon.  (I’ve also seen these called v-gaps, but traditional v-gaps involve a “gap” down the length of the nail.)

This is Essie Lights with Essie Brooch the Subject, my favorite nude.

Although I love how the color combination turned out, and will probably be trying different designs with these polishes, this manicure wasn’t my favorite.  From a distance, it just looked like I had tiny neon pink claws.  Not pretty.

What do you think of this combo?  Are you on board with the neon trend this summer?

2 thoughts on “Neon and Nude

  1. I have to admit, I am in love with neon this summer! I love this look, but I do prefer a full nail. Colours are great together though!

    • I don’t mind full neon nails on other people, I just feel a bit uncomfortable (it stands out too much since I wear a lot of dark colors). This look isn’t my fav, but I thought I’d share it anyway. What’s your favorite neon?

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