My First Julep Maven Box

Finally got home and opened my Julep Maven Intro box (along with some other super exciting nail mail that I will show you later)!

This is what it looked like when I first opened the box.  I love the packaging!  There were also two cards on top, one telling me what is in the box, and the other welcoming me to Julep.

The package was wrapped in a pink paper bag and tied in a bow with some toe separators.

This is what was in the pink bag: my two Julep nail polishes, wrapped in bubble wrap, and a tube of The Best Pedi Créme Ever!, which I am really excited to try!

According to the card that came in my box, The Best Pedi Créme ever “exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E.”  You’re supposed to apply nightly and the bottle claims you’ll see results in only 1 to 2 uses.  I’m planning on trying it tonight, so I’ll let you know how well it works.

I got the American Beauty intro box, which came with Eva, a “juicy raspberry creme” and Renee, a “spring lilac creme.”  Not terribly unique colors, but they’re ones I will actually wear, so that’s a plus.

The Best Pedi Créme Ever! retails for $22 for 2oz of product and Julep polishes retail for $14 and are only 8ml, about half the size of a regular OPI or Essie, but I do really like the rectangular bottles.  The Julep Maven subscription runs for $19.99 a month, so you’re getting a lot more than you pay for.  I got mine during a promotion (which may still be going on) so this box only cost me $0.01.  Yup.  A penny.  And once you’re a subscriber, you get discounts on all their products.

I will be posting swatches of the polishes soon.  Which one do you want to see first?

Have you tried Julep yet? What do you think?

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If you’d like to sign up for a Julep Maven subscription CLICK HERE!

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