My first Julep polish! This is Eva, and she came in my American Beauty Intro Box I showed you a few days ago.  Julep describes Eva as “a juicy raspberry creme” with “the right balance of sophisticated and whimsy.”  Basically, it’s hot pink.  It’s a creme formula, but topcoat makes this look like a jelly, which I love!

Sorry about the quality of these photos, I didn’t remember to take pictures right away, so these show about two days of wear.  Usually it takes me a day or two to mess up my polish, but Eva lasted four without chipping!  Pretty amazing!

I had no formula issues at all with this – this is two coats with Essie Good to Go on top.  I’m not usually a pink person, but I actually really liked this color!  It’s a great medium-toned dark pink, and I really like that it isn’t terribly blue-leaning like a lot of similar polishes I’ve come across.

I am so excited for my August Maven box!  Are you a Julep Maven? If not, you can click here to sign up.  It’s a monthly subscription, but you can always skip a month or two, change your style, and order other polish colors or products (Mavens get 20% off!).

I also want to mention that The Best Pedi Créme Ever!, which also came in my intro box, is seriously amazing!  I don’t want to show you pictures of my feet, but they went from dry and cracking to soft and healthy-looking in just two uses!  And I could definitely see a difference with just one application.  It’s a little expensive, but I don’t think I can do without it anymore – especially in sandal weather (which, in California, is pretty much all the time).  Nothing else has ever worked nearly as well!  So if you have dry feet, I would definitely give that a try!

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