Tiffany Diamonds

Another striping tape mani!  I like this one a lot better than the first manicure I did with striping tape.  For this one, I did accent nails, doing the ring, pinky, and thumb on my left hand, and my right index and pointer fingers.  I really loved the way this turned out, but sadly, it didn’t last too long.

I started three coats of Essie Allure on the diamond nails, and then painted the rest in China Glaze For Audrey.  Then I put striping tape in a grid pattern over Allure and painted a thick coat of For Audrey on top, before removing the tape.

There are definitely some imperfections, but I think I’m getting much better at using striping tape, and I really loved how this turned out!  I especially love how the sheer base makes the diamonds look like they’re floating, an idea I got from this tutorial from Mr. Candiipants (who is amazingly awesome!).  In fact, my original idea was to do zig-zags instead of diamonds, but I couldn’t paint straight lines with my left hand to save my life.  So I went with the tape.

Sorry this is a little blurry, my camera battery died right after this was taken, and while I was searching for the charger, I chipped my ring finger really badly.  So this is all I have.

I really loved wearing it for all 20 hours it stayed on – the diamond fingers had about six coats of polish, so I knew it wasn’t going to make it very long.  But I had fun with it anyway!

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