Man Hunt

Yesterday, my China Glaze On Safari collection came in the mail! The only other time I’ve bought an entire collection was the Essie Cocktail Bling collection from Winter 2011.  And like Cocktail Bling, I love every single one of these polishes!  This is the one that called out to me the most, so I had to put it on right away.  I love me some blues.  I actually wore this last night to watch my cousins (who are only 15 and 17) perform at the House of Blues 🙂

Anyway, this is China Glaze Man Hunt, a dark blue creme.  It’s a tad darker than it shows in these pictures, and actually dries much darker than the bottle color.  It’s cobalt blue just on the border of navy.  My collection isn’t massive yet, so I don’t have anything quite like this.  The closest would be Essie Mesmerize, but that’s a lot lighter.

I didn’t realize my ring finger was so much lighter until I started taking pictures, but you can see how thin this polish is.  The formula is extremely easy to work with, though.  And surprisingly easy to clean up.  I haven’t taken this off yet, so I can’t comment on staining, but I’d wear at least one coat of base coat to be safe.

This is two coats with base and top coats.

Which On Safari polish do you want to see next?

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