My August Julep Maven Box

I got my August Julep Maven box yesterday!  I was super excited, because this was my first non-intro box.  When you first sign up, you take a quiz and get a specific style.  Each month, you can decide to stick with your style, or try a new one.  This month, I stayed with my American Beauty box and this is what I got.

This month marks Julep’s first birthday, so we got a special birthday box (it was pink!).

Everything was wrapped in glittery tissue paper!  Underneath that was this awesome reusable bag.  I LOVE what it says – especially because there has been so much nail polish drama recently.

Inside the bag was their brand new Acetone Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover and my two polishes for the month.  First, let me say that the remover is AH-MAZING.  Seriously.  The pump action dispenser is awesome, and as someone who usually uses pure acetone to remove my polish, this stuff is fast, and my nails were super shiny and moisturized after – not dried out.  Love it!

This month, all the polishes were metallics.  My box came with Stefani, a charcoal grey metallic with gold flecks that I’ve wanted to try ever since I discovered Julep, and Dakota, which they call rose-gold, but is really more of a copper, and still beautiful.  Hopefully I will get to swatch these beauties soon 🙂

I love this month’s box and can’t wait to try my new polishes!

If you want to become a Julep Maven, CLICK HERE to sign up!

2 thoughts on “My August Julep Maven Box

  1. Holy crap a pump is srsly the best idea ever! I hate it when I need to clean up with remover and my nails are still wet…
    I’m impatient, so waiting isn’t an option, and doing retard baby seal hands trying to open it is annoying.

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