Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild is a dark reddish brown from China Glaze’s On Safari collection.  My stash is seriously lacking in browns, so I was really happy to get this, even though I know there are probably a ton of dupes out there.  I think it’s a great alternative to the ever-popular vampy red.

The formula on Call of the Wild is pretty thick, but not too bad.  This was two coats with no topcoat.  Look how glossy it is all by itself!

Call of the Wild is actually pretty similar to Prey Tell from the same collection, but more brown.  Though this fills a gap in my collection, I personally don’t wear a lot of brown, so I don’t know how much I will actually use this, but I do like it.

3 thoughts on “Call of the Wild

  1. Nice bold color! I’ve started digging through my browns- a nice brown polish is hard to find. I have a few cheapies, but some of my favs aer “Espresso Your Style” & “Brisbane Bronze” by OPI. I also just picked up “Teas-y Does It” and I loooove it- it’s got a deep red glitter in it, but a brownish base 🙂

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