Prey Tell

Prey Tell is a vampy brownish red from the China Glaze On Safari collection.  Immediately, this reminded me of Essie Wicked.  I was being dumb and forgot to do a comparison, but I will try to do that soon if any of you want to see it.  They’re so dark, I’m guessing the difference will be subtle, if it even exists.

As you can see, this one stained like crazy (just like Wicked).  It took FOREVER to get my cuticles back to normal after this, so be very careful with your application (unlike me).

It is, however, a very pretty color.  Nothing unique, but I’m glad to have it, since I tend to wear Wicked a ton in the winter.  This is also pretty similar to China Glaze’s Call of the Wild from the same collection, but more red.

The formula wasn’t bad, but it was the worst of all the On Safari polishes.  It was pretty streaky, but if you wait a little longer between coats, it covers well in two or three.  This is three with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

Although Prey Tell is nothing we haven’t seen before, I think it’s a great polish to have, especially if your collection is relatively small.

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