It’s Pixar Week!

I’ve been planning this for a while – ever since Lucy over at Nail Days suggested the iconic Pixar lamp would make awesome nail art.  Thanks Lucy!  I love how these turned out (although it’s really hard for me to get my thumb into that position – I have short fingers).

Anyway, I was a bit uninspired after completing the 31 day nail art challenge, so I’ve decided to do an entire week of Pixar-movie themed nails as a way to get back into nail art.  If it goes well, I have a few other theme weeks already planned (and if you’re a nail blogger and want to do one with me, let me know!).

Today counts as day one of Pixar week, so naturally I had to do the logo.  I actually really love the little lamp animation, and I really love how these turned out!  And for the next six days, I am going to be posting nail art inspired by some of my favorite Pixar movies!  I’ve already done Up! so it won’t be included in this round, but it is one of my favorite Pixar movies 🙂

I hope you like all the nail art this week!

What’s your favorite Pixar?

9 thoughts on “It’s Pixar Week!

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