I love Wall-E.  I think it’s a really cute movie.  And I’ve been meaning to do some Wall-E nail art, and Pixar week was the perfect time.

From thumb to pinky: the logo, Eva, Wall-E (he looks really off, sorry guys!), the leaf/plant logo, and the blank space I meant to put the little cockroach, but got distracted and forgot.

Most of the colors are mixes (or just white), but the background on all the nails is Sonia Kashuk Starry Night, which I love!  So glad I have access to Target again!

I don’t think this is my best nail art, but I still think it’s cute.  Maybe I’ll attempt Wall-E again someday when I have more time.

Only two more days to go in Pixar week!  Which one’s your favorite so far?

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