Finding Nemo

Today’s nail art is Finding Nemo!  These took me forever to do.  My original idea was to do some sort of water marble with blues and then paint over it, but it just wasn’t happening.  So I settled on these.  I went a little bit abstract with these, using mostly patterns from the characters.  I love how they turned out!  The Squirt and seagull nails are my favorites 🙂

From thumb to pinky: seagull (mine! mine! mine!), Squirt (the turtle), Nemo (or Marlin), Dory, and the baby jellyfish (aka Squishy)

“I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy”

I hope you’re all enjoying Pixar Week so far!  There’s only one more day left, but I have a few ideas for more theme weeks in the future.  If you have any suggestions, or you’d like to do one with me, let me know!

P.S. We might be getting Finding Nemo 2… in 2016.  I don’t think I can wait that long!

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