Toy Story

To close out Pixar Week, I decided to go with the first movie they ever made – Toy Story.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this movie.  Again, I’m not that great at painting faces yet, so I just went with their clothing, but I think it’s pretty clear what it’s supposed to be.  I think my favorite is the “Andy” nail, that one turned out really well.  I also really like the clouds – those would make a great mani on their own.

Thumb to pinky: the “Andy” on the bottom of Woody’s boot, Woody, Buzz, the distinctive clouds, and one of the little aliens.

Sorry about the cleanup on these! I didn’t really notice until I was editing the picture, and by then I had taken them off.

So what did you think about Pixar Week?  I think it was a success!  Maybe in a month or so I’ll do another theme week – I have a few ideas, I just need time to get them together.

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