Fish Egg Accent

Today, I have another look done with my microbeads from KKCenterHk.  I actually really loved this look, known as the “fish egg” mani (because of some blogger/polish company drama it can’t be called it’s original name – caviar).  Anyway, I created this look with the silver microbeads, which you can find here, along with a ton of other colors.

I was already wearing Essie’s Da Bush on all my nails, and wanted to add something fun.  So I painted my ring fingers with a thickish coat of Essie Loophole (a great silver) and then dipped them in the silver microbeads.  The little jar that comes with the beads is awesome, because I didn’t have to pour anything and make a mess, I could just dip my finger in the pot!  The beads stuck really well, though I would suggest using a thicker polish than I did.  And it was super easy to place more beads in any bald spots.

Here’s the final look:

You can check out all the microbead colors here!

All my readers can use coupon code THEPOLISHSQUIRREL to get 10% off any order from KKCenterHk until the end of January! They have a ton of different products from wigs to anything you could possibly want to put on your nails. Let me know what you get!

The products in this post were provided to me for review.

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