Squirrel Cameo

It’s about time, right?  I knew I had to do squirrel nails at some point, and was playing with some new polishes the other day, and ended up with a few animal silhouettes, so naturally I had to do a squirrel.  I think they’re adorable, and will definitely be doing these again.  A lot.

For the base, I used Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Blinding Blue (on sale at Target for less than $2! Yay!)  And the squirrel was done with Orly Mirror Mirror, which has become my favorite light gray – it’s on my toes right now!  Sorry about the yellow polish on my pinky – I didn’t see it until pictures and my editing software is being dumb.

After adding the frame around the nails, I think it ended up looking like some sort of squirrel cameo – which is so completely me!  Funny, since my initial idea was to do a traditional cameo, but it just wasn’t working for me.  I seriously can’t tell you how much I love these!  I love the combination of the colors and the quirky design and the fact that they’re so simple.

It’s been a CRAZY weekend, so hopefully I’ll get around to posting the rest of my animal nails in the next day or so.  I’ll probably end up doing a few more of them if I can find the time.  I also have a few backed up swatches to post, too.  And a LOT of new polishes to swatch.  And a few on their way.  So yeah, I’ll be busy.

6 thoughts on “Squirrel Cameo

  1. This is adorable! And I love the combination of blue and gray. Have you thought about recreating the squirrel using the baggie technique? You could get the squirrel perfect like this every time…on both hands. 🙂

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