Mahogany Magic

Mahogany Magic is from the China Glaze Hunger Games-themed collection that came out a while ago.  I had originally passed on this one, but ended up picking it up a few weeks ago on clearance with Foie Gras (I can’t pass up CG for $2 a piece).

I’ve mentioned before that my brown stash is pretty pathetic (I think I have maybe two), so this is pretty unique for me.  It’s a warm-toned medium brown that just screams fall to me.  I can’t look at this and not think Thanksgiving.  I don’t know how often I will actually wear this, but I do love it!  I’m already planning a Thanksgiving mani around this, and I think it will be fantastic for nail art.

Formula was fantastic – this was two coats with no topcoat.  It was a bit thick, but really easy to apply.

I can’t wait for fall!  I’m already gravitating towards these types of colors 🙂

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