CG Adventure Red-y vs Essie Head Mistress (and a few others)

My lovely reader Miely requested a comparison between China Glaze Adventure Red-y and Essie Head Mistress, both from fall 2012 collections.  I knew they were close to a few other reds I own, so I threw them in for reference as well (do you think I have enough of the same color?).  I’m taking comparison swatch requests, so just let me know what you want to see 🙂

Shown is two coats of each.

As you can see, Adventure Red-y and Head Mistress are similar, but HM is a bit lighter and in real life, you can tell that AR is slightly less blue-toned.  Apertif and Vodka & Caviar are the lightest of the bunch, and Apertif is the lightest ant most orange-y of them all.  Tate also has a slightly orange-y undertone, while the rest appear a bit more on the blue side.  I know its hard to tell from the pictures (click on it to make it bigger).

Size Matters is almost a berry, and much more opaque than any of the others.  Compared to the rest, Adventure Red-y actually seems a bit like a brick red, but on its own, you can’t tell.

Formula wise, Size Matters, Tate, and Adventure Red-y are really opaque and apply very well.  Apertif is a teeny bit sheer, but it’s good with two or three thin coats.  Vodka & Caviar is actually a jelly, so while application is excellent, you do need a third coat to cover visible nail line.  And Head Mistress is the least manageable of all, but I’ve seen worse.

Do you need them all? Clearly, that’s a no.  My picks are Vodka & Caviar, Tate, Size Matters, and Adventure Red-y, depending on what kind of red goes best with your skin tone.  Also, Size Matters feels a bit more holiday-esque than a simple classic red, so that might be a deciding factor.

Hope this was helpful!  Again, please feel free to request any comparisons you want to see!  I actually had a lot of fun with this.

4 thoughts on “CG Adventure Red-y vs Essie Head Mistress (and a few others)

  1. Hi! Could you show how Essie Dressed to Kilt compares to Essie Head Mistress? Maybe with Essie She’s Pampered for an extra comparison?

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