LDTTWC Day 3: I Remember When…

Some of you may have caught my brain fart yesterday, when I accidentally published (for about five minutes) day four instead of day three. So this is a day late (sorry!) but still within the rules of the challenge, so here it is.

Today’s theme was to pick a memorable event, either personal or from history. You all know I’m a history buff, so naturally, I had to pick an event from history. After a lot of thought, I ended up with nails inspired by the Diamond Necklace Affair, which you can read about here.

The story involves a 2,800 carat diamond necklace, Marie Antoinette, a con-woman, a cardinal, and some very angry jewelers.

I loved the design of the necklace, so that’s what I went with. Can you imagine wearing 647 diamonds around your neck? Or buying a necklace that costs as much as a battle ship? It’s a bit excessive, but it’s actually really gorgeous (replica anyone?).

I used China Glaze First Mate and Essie Loophole and a dotting tool. Super easy, but I think they turned out pretty well.

Hope you guys liked my (real) Day 3 post! I think it turned out pretty well (especially since I only had about 45 minutes to do these). SOOOO sorry about the cleanup on these btw. I worked ten hours yesterday and was so tired I didn’t even notice until I had taken it off 😦

Click the button below to check out all the gorgeous manis from the other Time Warp Challenge participants! I’ve been seriously impressed by all the nail art everyone’s been doing for this challenge!

11 thoughts on “LDTTWC Day 3: I Remember When…

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