LDTTWC Day 5: “We can do it!”

Today’s challenge is a manicure in honor of an influential woman in history.  Surprisingly, this one was pretty easy for me: I went with Queen Victoria.  Definitely one of the most influential women in modern history, if not of all time.  She is the longest-ruling British monarch to date (though Elizabeth II – her great, great granddaughter – is giving her a run for her money), she gave birth to nearly an entire generation of European rulers (she’s known as the grandmother of Europe – she married off most of her nine children to other royal families), and she started trends and traditions that are still popular.

I actually used a silhouette of Victoria for this – but it didn’t really turn out as planned.  Also, my white has gotten super thick, and didn’t want to come off my skin, so please excuse the clean up.

Why black and white? Because fashion-wise, Victoria is incredibly famous for two things: first, she wore a white dress on her wedding day, creating the tradition of brides in white.  And second, she wore black for most of her reign, beginning after the death of her husband Albert in 1861.

Thumb to pinky: Victoria, the Union Jack, V & A for Victoria and Albert, the cross patée – which is present on most of the crowns made for Victoria, and HRH, which stands for “Her Royal Highness”.

Hope you all liked these!

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7 thoughts on “LDTTWC Day 5: “We can do it!”

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