Dime a Dozen

Somehow, I ended up with the entire Sonia Kashuk fall nail polish collection (even though I only needed three of the five).  Anyway, here’s one of them.  This is Dime a Dozen.  It’s one of those dark, shimmery, charcoal, metallic colors – in the same family as OPI Number one Nemesis or Chanel Graphite, only a bit different.  Dime a Dozen stands out with the addition of more brown tones.  It’s a pretty color, and a great edgy fall option for those of you who prefer warmer tones.

I believe this was two coats with topcoat.  Application was easy, but it’s a bit difficult to get this looking smooth.  Overall, not too bad.  I’ve included two pictures so you can see how in some lights, it looks more gray (above) and in others, it turns brown (below).

I think it’s a really interesting color, and a really interesting twist on some pretty popular polishes.  Depending on your collection, this could be either a great (much cheaper) substitute for a polish like Graphite, or a slightly different addition to your stash of similar colors.  Either way, I think this would look great on everyone, and if you like colors like this, it’s a great, inexpensive option.

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